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There's An Air Of Familiarity To Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem

India, Goa, Salcette
Published 3 months ago
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There's An Air Of Familiarity To Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem
India, Goa, Salcette,
Published 3 months ago


There`s an air of familiarity to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. It`s an action role-playing game with heavy inspiration from Diablo and Path of Exile, from their high-fantasy gothic settings to their destiny-bound protagonists and plethora  of abilities to dabble in. Wolcen wears its influences on its sleeve, and while it makes changes to their established foundations, it stumbles so many times along the way that it just feels lost by the end of it.

Wolcen`s opening obscures some of its more novel ideas, with a stale and predictable narrative that makes it feel generic. You play as one of three siblings born and bred for battle, but cast out from the only family you know when an unknown power awakens within you. It`s a plot filled to the brim with exposition, riddled with vaguely explained fantasy jargon and worldbuilding that never clicks into place. It`s easy to forget about entirely after the first few hours, with only the stilted dialogue and awkward cutscenes reminding you of the uninteresting events dressing Wolcen`s main draw.

The setting, however, doesn`t fall prey to the same oppressive medieval look. Gloomy caverns and bright, colorful forests are equally impressive backdrops for the equally outstanding visual Global - Primordial Affinity details buried within them. The variation across Wolcen`s three acts is impressive too, as it whisks you between the opulent, gold-laden halls of an ancient sacred ground to the blood-drenched trenches of a chaotic battlefield.
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